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A Guide to Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Medical billing services – the process of recording and processing claims for health care services rendered to patients is one of the most important components of a small practice. It is one of the most challenging parts of running a practice because it requires expertise in many areas, […]

Are You Looking for a Medical Billing Company?

As a medical billing company, We help you in:

  • 15% Increase in Your Practice Revenue
  • 12% Average Decrease in Denial Rates
  • 99.7% Adjusted Collections Rate
  • 30 Days Average Days of Account Receivable

Medical billing refers to […]

Brightree dme billing

Svast is highly experienced staff in Brightree Medical billing. Brightree is one of the most widely used systems for DME billing. We provide a full-service DME billing solution on Brightree. […]

Industry Trends 2

  • CVS begins a $25 million marketing campaign to promote its health services.
  • According to The Wall Street Journal, CVS Health has launched a $25 million marketing campaign to illustrate how its goods and services may help people live healthier lives.
  • Ads will air on television, streaming platforms, social media, radio, […]

Prepping for Flu season, COVID edition

The flu, which regularly takes hundreds of thousands of Americans to the hospital each year and kills tens of thousands, was not as severe as in previous years, which was a silver lining of the prior two winters. According to Peter Palese, a microbiologist and flu expert at […]

Industry Trends 1

  • The most effective way to encourage patient activation is to ensure that they are well-informed about their treatment. Patients who are better informed about their health are more likely to adopt self-management strategies, attend follow-up appointments, and challenge their doctors about their treatment. Education, on the other […]

The Future of Telehealth

COVID, as everyone knows, sparked a surge in telehealth usage and shone a spotlight on the future of telehealth for a brief while. Medical care has become more accessible and easy thanks to video consultations and other virtual care services. However, telehealth utilization is presently on the decline. […]

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management News

In August, preventable COVID-19 hospitalizations cost the US healthcare system $3.7 billion. 

  • According to a new Kaiser Family Foundation research, the US health system spent about $5.7 billion between June and […]

Dr. Chrono


Svast is on of the top Medical billing for practice using Dr. Chrono. Dr. Chrono is one of the widely used EHR systems among healthcare practices. Svast has been successfully providing medical billing services on the Dr. Chorno platform for over 5 years. We provide a full-service billing solution […]

4 Key E&M Updates in 2021 for Pediatric Practice

The updates in the 2021 Evaluation and Management guidelines will mean moving the way you think on selecting the appropriate visit codes for your acute visits. In this article, we’ll cover the changes we need to expect and tips to prepare […]

5 Things you need know about Pediatric Medical Billing

Medical billing for Pediatrics requires taking into consideration that Pediatricians spend approximately 25% more time with their patients as compared to other specialty practices, and oftentimes will provide several complex and more comprehensive services to their patients. The pediatric practices need […]



Svast is highly experienced staff in Brightree Medical billing. Brightree is one of the most widely used systems for DME billing. We provide a full-service DME billing solution on Brightree. Svast will take care of everything from claim submission to A/R follow-up, and our qualified staff will field […]



Svast is #1 in Aprima Medical billing. Aprima is one of the most widely used EHR systems among healthcare practices. Svast has been successfully providing medical billing services on the Aprima platform to several medical practices for over 10 years. We provide a full-service billing solution on Aprima. […]

Five Essentials for Starting a Medical Practice


Owning your own practice, while challenging at times, is a rewarding and satisfying accomplishment. As a physician, you are no stranger to long days and working hard to achieve what you want. Thomas Edison said it best, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is […]

Medical Practice Fee Analysis: Complete in 2 Easy Steps!

Are you finding that your practice’s fees are below other similar specialties in your area?  On your insurance payments, are you noticing that the carriers are occasionally reimbursing your practice 100% of the billed amount?

If you answered yes to either of the two questions above, it may be […]

Concierge Medicine: The New Movement for Physicians

Have you considered the benefits of adding a concierge medicine practice to your current business or perhaps switching over entirely?

3 reasons why physicians are considering concierge medicine.

1. Popularity

The number of physicians in concierge medicine remains small, but it’s growing rapidly. In 2012 there were 4,400 private […]

Hire the Right Medical Practice Manager in 4 easy Steps

Finding the right candidate can be stressful and always comes with a little risk. If you prepare well enough, you can improve your chances of finding that right person that will work well with your practice goals and operations, and fit into the culture of the practice.

How to […]

EHR Clinical Documentation: Optimization through Customization

Many projects go live using some of the basic documentation provided with the purchase and very little customization. Customization can be part of the solution but only if the optimization efforts for documentation are carefully approached.  Customization is not the Holy Grail, however if done well and with […]

Result Interfaces – Common Yet Complex

Getting these and other major decision points within an interface implementation right the first time is extremely important as the ramifications will extend far beyond the implementation itself. Between managing large and ever changing lab compendiums as well as dealing with issues identified in the first two bullet […]

EHR Go-Live Challenges -Top 5 pitfalls and quick solutions

In the bustle of EHR implementation to meet compliance with the HITECH Act and Meaningful Use, there are EHR go-lives happening every day in all parts of the country. As EHR implementation experts’ clients are constantly asking, “How did you do this before? What can we learn from […]

Why Outsource your Medical Billing?

Many practices struggle with the decision of whether to do their billing in-house or outsource medical billing.  For some practice managers and physicians, outsourcing the billing can feel scary, like you’re giving up control over a crucial part of your business.  However, if you have the right billing partner, […]

8 Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing

Deciding whether or not outsourcing medical billing is the right thing to do for your practice can be a difficult decision. However, it should be as easy as deciding whether or not to perform your own appendectomy. Medical billing has always required a specialized set of skills, and in […]

The Importance of Accuracy in Medical Payment Posting

When posting payments in a practice management system the need for accuracy is essential. Inaccurate postings can result in serious downstream financial affects for your practice. Though the importance and possible negative ramifications of posting payments inaccurately are seemingly obvious, mistakes can easily occur with a simple typo. […]

Improve Your Practice Financials in 5 Steps

All providers who enter the medical field generally do so to meet a common goal, providing good care to their patients. With this goal in mind it is often conflicting to set a price to the care provided. It is even more challenging to make financial decisions that […]

5 Questions to Ask to Reduce Denied Claims

We’ve all seen it. The patient comes to the check-in window, and you ask “Name… date of birth… have there been any changes in your address or insurance?” The patient quickly replies, “Nope”, and takes a seat in the waiting room. The charge is entered and billed to the insurance […]

5 Tips to Collect Outstanding Patient Balances

High deductible health plans and higher copays have driven practices to focus more attention on collecting large outstanding patient balances.  For many practices, patient collections account for 20-30% of their overall revenue, so it’s more important than ever that the practice staff be comfortable with and trained on […]

The Perfect Team Roster to Open a Medical Practice

Building intellectual and emotional equity happens while deciding whether or not to start your own medical practice.  Once you have decided to go ahead and open a medical practice, get prepared to start building your sweat equity.  Sweat equity is your contribution to starting your […]

Why Physicians Should Open a Medical Practice in 2021

Own or be Owned: Why Physicians Should Open a Medical Practice in 2021

The Healthcare industry is pushing toward outpatient/ambulatory services.  What better time to open a medical practice business providing outpatient/ambulatory services than when that model has been determined to be […]

How to get a Medical Practice Loan

For some, going to a bank to obtain a medical practice loan may seem daunting but it’s really a straight forward process.  These simple points will help you obtain a good loan.

Pediatric Medical Billing  Expert

By submitting […]

Small Practice Renaissance

The time is right to start a medical practice.

Although it may not yet be obvious at scale, we are beginning to see an increase in physicians entering private practice. The last several years have been a period of intense consolidation, with many physician practices […]

9 Steps to Successfully Starting a Practice

The “Spirit of the Entrepreneur” is innate and constant.  It is not a characteristic that one can learn, develop and strengthen over time.  It is not dynamic and therefore doesn’t change.  You either possess it or you don’t.  Sarah Pierce, in “Entrepreneur”, described it most aptly.