Your staff and our staff are
2-in-a-box together working to achieve the common goals!!

We use a 4 step process build a joint practice scorecard – develop and execute practice plan – measure and improve – learn and grow together that help us achieve the goals to

  • Grow practice revenue
  • Enhance patient experience
  • Improve profitability

1. Build Joint Practice Scorecard

We build the joint practice scorecard based on your practice goals and industry benchmarks. Key metrics to focus are practice revenue, practice profitability, patient experience, days in AR, collection rate, clean claim first pass rate etc.

2. Develop the Execute the Practice Excellence Plan

We discuss the ideas and develop a plan along with practice team. Prioritize the initiatives and track execution to achieve the goals set in scorecard. This makes the practice and our team play out of same sheet of music and keep us accountable

3. Measure and Improve

We measure and report on key metrics monthly. Discuss the performance jointly and work on the areas to improve. Our quality team help with lean and six sigma practice that result in small improvement projects with tangible benefits

4. Learn and Grow Together

Change is the only constant in the Healthcare industry. Our team members and partners conduct periodic webinars to keep up with the changing technology, regulations, procedure codes and modifiers and other best practices.

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