The Perfect Team Roster to Open a Medical Practice

Building intellectual and emotional equity happens while deciding whether or not to start your own medical practice.  Once you have decided to go ahead and open a medical practice, get prepared to start building your sweat equity.  Sweat equity is your contribution to starting your […]

Why Physicians Should Open a Medical Practice in 2021

Own or be Owned: Why Physicians Should Open a Medical Practice in 2021

The Healthcare industry is pushing toward outpatient/ambulatory services.  What better time to open a medical practice business providing outpatient/ambulatory services than when that model has been determined to be […]

How to get a Medical Practice Loan

For some, going to a bank to obtain a medical practice loan may seem daunting but it’s really a straight forward process.  These simple points will help you obtain a good loan.

Pediatric Medical Billing  Expert

By submitting this […]

Small Practice Renaissance

The time is right to start a medical practice.

Although it may not yet be obvious at scale, we are beginning to see an increase in physicians entering private practice. The last several years have been a period of intense consolidation, with many physician practices […]