Straight Salary (plus bonus), Production Based Models (ie: billable seervices, procedures, patient visits), Revenue less Expense, Performance based Model (Quality metrics).

Recruiters can be very helpful in the search for new employees. If you are considering having several providers and the staff to cover that, then the process can become overwhelming and a recruiter would be very helpful. On the other hand, if you are opening as a solo provider with one or two staff members, it is reasonable to do this on your own.

For a startup practice that needs to build a patient population, one assistant to start would suffice as long as they are knowledgeable in both front and back office duties. As the practice becomes busier, another like position can be added.

1. Front Desk Staff 2. Dedicated phone staff (triage) 3. Nurse/ MA 4. Lab tech 5. Billing specialist 6. Transcriptionist/ Scribe 7. Practice Manager 8. Referral Specialist