Our Guarantee to Generate up to 15% More Revenue

In most cases, the additional revenue generation by our team exceeds the fee our clients pay to us thus increasing net extra revenue even after paying our fees. We deliver on our commitment through a proven 5 step process

1. Set the Goal

During the initial discussions, we carry out a quick practice assessment using our proprietary model and information provided by our clients to quantify the increase in revenue goal we would be able to bring.

2. Take Initial Baseline

We take the baseline of key metrics such as billing amounts, adjustment, write-offs, collection, days in account receivables, average revenue per patient encounter and more before onboarding the client.

3. Make Improvements

We work with the practice team, discuss and deploy best practices, streamline process, use technology tools, analytical framework that help start generating more practice revenue.

4. Compare Results

Our quality team keeps a track of improvements every month and highlight the progress or issues. We review the results and improvements in key metrics after 6 months with the initial baseline numbers.

5. Be Accountable

If we fall short of meeting out goals, we provide the discount in our fee till the point we reach the stated goal. For example, if we set of goal of 8% after initial assessment and reached only 5% improvement after 6 months, we will provide a discount of 3% on our monthly invoice till the point we reach 8% goal.

The guarantee program is valid for new clients. Clients would need to participate actively and take actions on their tasks as part of improvement plan.

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