Podiatry Medical Billing

Podiatry is a field of medicine that focuses on the prevention and treatment of foot pain, injuries and conditions. Podiatrists provide medical care for people with flat feet, bunion surgery, Morton’s neuroma, heel spurs and other foot problems.

As a podiatrist, you have an important role to play in ensuring your patients get the care they need. You know that your patients’ comfort and safety are paramount to their success, so it’s important that you establish a relationship with them from the start. Our Podiatry medical billing specialists can help with that. You can concentrate on providing your patients with the care they require by letting us handle your Podiatry medical billing. 


Podiatry Medical Billing  Expert

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    Streamline your medical billing with Svast

    How much time does your podiatry medical billing process require? It can be a major hassle for the majority of practises. You can use our podiatry medical billing services whenever you need them, 365 days a year. In order to meet your demands, we provide a range of choices. We are available to you whether you need us to bill for your patient or just want us to give them the bill. With our help, you can speed up the podiatry medical billing procedure so that it takes just a few minutes to finish instead of hours! 

    Benefits of outsourcing billing services to Svast

    Whether you’re a small practice or a large hospital, we’ve got you covered. We understand that your time is precious. We know that you need to get paid for every second of work performed, and we also know that you can’t afford to waste it. Whether you’re looking for help with routine billing or require something more complex our team of experts can help you. 

    We offer podiatry medical billing services, including: 

    • Billing for all types of procedures, services, products, and supplies  
    • Payment processing services for all insurance plans 
    • Coding and coding reviews 
    • Audits for accuracy on submitted claims  

    Generate More Revenue with a Podiatry Billing Company

    At Svast, we believe that your podiatry business can be more profitable than ever—but only if you have the right tools. That’s where Podiatry Billing Companies can help.  

    A Podiatry Billing Company knows that many podiatrists are frustrated by their inability to process their medical billing correctly and get paid for the services they provide. Our podiatry billing services can help you out. With us you can improve your revenue cycle management (RCM). Our services help you properly file claims, get paid what you’re owed for your services and avoid any penalties or fines. 

    Utilizing Best Practices in Podiatry Billing and Coding

    Podiatry is a specialty that’s in high demand, yet many insurance plans don’t provide coverage. Podiatry claims get denied for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is that the services provided are not covered. Podiatry billing and coding is an important part of the claim submission process, and it can impact your practice’s revenue.  

    When it comes to coding, using the right codes is very important. They should be used to report diagnosis and treatment provided to prevent claim denial and ensure appropriate reimbursement. The income of your practise may be affected by incorrect coding. 

    Some of the best practises in Podiatry billing services include prior authorization, precise coding, clean submissions, and Q modifier usage. 

    If you’re interested in our services, please contact us today! 

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