Podiatry Medical Billing

Medical billing for Podiatry needs to take in to account that podiatric services may be bundled, some podiatric procedures may not be covered by Medicare and certain surgery codes might be allowed for Podiatrist. Such minute details can help increase payment by up to 15%. Svast team of experienced and knowledgeable Podiatry coding and billing experts is there to help Podiatry practices.

Podiatry Medical Billing  Expert

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    Full-Service Practice Operations

    Increase Patient Visits and Appointments

    Digital marketing for podiatrists is very critical. To be visible to patients, Podiatrists needs to have a high impact website; list their practice on key listing sites; receive a large number of positive patient reviews, post frequently in social media about podiatry news.

    Apply Accurate Podiatry E&M Codes

    Although all medical disciplines use modifiers, those common in podiatry are among the most complex, and most audited. Your billing team has to deal with the proper use of LT/RT modifiers, 50 and 59 modifiers. Adequate expertise to avoid upcoding or down coding is utmost important.

    Full-Service Practice Operations
    Full-Service Practice Operations

    Understand what is covered!!

    A lot of podiatric services aren’t covered by many insurance companies, especially Medicare. Understanding what is covered and under what circumstances can make a huge difference for how quickly you’re able to get paid. Small podiatric services are often rendered during the same visit, and properly bundling these services is needed to get paid.

    Ensure to Bill Podiatry Surgical Procedures

    Most Podiatry work involve procedures like removing of crons, cutting of nails, diabetic footcare, and arthritis foot problems. The insurance companies consider most of these as equivalent to surgeries. Billing such procedures properly is important for higher reimbursements.

    Full-Service Practice Operations
    Full-Service Practice Operations

    Get experts on your EHR Systems

    We have experts in podiatry medical billing on Allscripts. We have experts in podiatry medical billing on eClinicalWorks. We have experts in podiatry medical billing on AdvancedMD.

    Customized Reports and Analytics for Podiatry

    We provide podiatry practice analytics through practice dashboard, denial analysis, account receivable analysis, waterfall analysis, payment forecasting, carrier collection analytics and more.

    Full-Service Practice Operations

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