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We are obsessed about client satisfaction

We know we are not perfect, therefore we try harder!! Our team is measured on improving the performance of our clients. We strive to be creative and innovative to exceed industry benchmarks for revenue cycle management

Dr Czarnecki, MD Total Care – Chattanooga Lung Center

Transparency, Openness, Proactiveness, and Focus on Improving Practice Revenue.

Beth Huggins: Practice Administrator: Multispecialty Clinic

Compassion towards Clients, Focus on Improving Practice Revenue.

Rizvanna Z: Practice Manager: Internal Medicine

Proactiveness, Transparency, Communication, Focus on improving practice revenue.

Raj Kanyaboina: CEO: Probe Practice Solutions

Learnability, Openness, Communication, Focus on Improving Practice Revenue

Case Study

Internal Medicine

Increased Charges by 15%, Increased Payments by 23%, and Reduced Account Receivables by 60%



Reduced Claim Lag by 80%, Improved Cash Flow by 30% and Increased Payments by 18%


Ophthalmology ASC

Improved Visits, Injection Collections, Time of Service Collections and Payments by 14%