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Pioneering precision in healthcare, Svast specializes in delivering tailored and accurate billing solutions designed exclusively for DME/HME practices.

  • Utilizing best-in-class technology solutions
  • Providing transparency through data analytics
  • Bringing proven experience and expertise in RCM
  • Specializing in medical billing and coding services
  • Leveraging six sigma processes for precision and efficiency
  • 15% long-term increase in collections for providers
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Our Comprehensive Medical Billing Offering for DME/HME Practices and Groups

DME HME medical billing poses unique challenges in healthcare, demanding precision in reimbursement processes, coding adherence, and compliance standards. At Svast Healthcare Technologies, we specialize in overcoming these challenges with tailored solutions.


The ever-evolving healthcare regulations demand a keen understanding of compliance standards, making it crucial to stay updated and ensure accurate billing practices.

DME HME billing involves intricate coding structures. Ensuring the correct assignment of codes is essential for accurate reimbursement and preventing claim denials.

DME HME reimbursement rates can vary based on factors such as payer policies and geographical locations. Navigating these variations is key to optimizing revenue streams.

Efficient processing of DME HME claims is vital to minimize delays in reimbursement. Streamlining this process requires a robust system and adherence to industry best practices.

Thorough and precise documentation is essential for DME HME billing success. Ensuring that all necessary information is accurately recorded contributes to a smoother billing process.

As the healthcare landscape embraces technological advancements, incorporating cutting-edge billing software and technologies becomes imperative for staying ahead and ensuring operational efficiency.

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Why Choose Svast?

Discover the unique advantages of partnering with Svast for your DME/HME medical billing needs


Specialized focus on HME/DME billing with a decade of proven experience.

Tailored services to meet the specific needs of ophthalmology practices, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
Proven track record of optimizing billing processes, efficient charge capture, fee schedule review, chart audits and payer contract negotiation leading to a sustained 15% increase in collections for healthcare providers.

Utilization of advanced billing software, integration with clearinghouses and deploying technology solutions for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Swift and proactive Accounts Receivable (AR) follow-up, ensuring timely resolution, maximizing revenue recovery and minimizing timely filing denials.
Perform denial analytics to identify denial reasons and work with the practice to implement corrective action.

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Upon contract signing, we can initiate the setup process promptly. Typically, for most physicians, this process is completed within 2 to 4 days. A precise estimate can be provided after assessing the specific requirements of your individual practice.
Certainly. Unless the nonpayment is due to a valid reason, such as a deductible, capitation, lack of coverage, or duplicate invoicing, we can reprocess the claim without needing additional information. If required, the Svast team will reach out to your office for any necessary details. If the claim persists as unpaid, we will proceed with the appropriate appeal process.
  • Real-Time Financial Reporting 
  • Cloud-Based File Storage Account 
  • Seamless EHR Integration at No Cost 
  • Precision in Electronic Claims Submission and Tracking 
  • Comprehensive Weekly and Monthly Reporting 
  • Secure Web Log-in Access 
  • Online Access to Financial Reports 
  • Daily Billing and Follow-Up Services 
  • Prompt Turnaround for Payments 
  • Claims Re-submission to Recover Lost Revenue 
  • Practice Analysis Services 
  • Cash Register/IOU Management 

We offer services to healthcare providers across the United States, serving every state, and expanding our reach to encompass all regions.

Differing from other billing companies, we do not impose extra charges for click charges, postage, forms, business reply mail, etc. All associated costs are encompassed within the flat fee. Our objective is simplicity – you only pay the agreed-upon amount. 

Certainly. Our data migration teams collaborate closely with new clients to facilitate a seamless transition. We furnish the essential templates to your former billing company, guiding them to compile data in a format compatible with our system. Once we receive the data in the required format, we'll handle the import into our platform at no additional cost to you.
We excel in handling almost all major EMR/PM systems, eliminating the need for you to change your system.

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