Pediatric Medical Billing

Medical billing for Pediatrics needs to take in to account that pediatricians spend about 25% more time compared to other specialty and they provide several complex and costly services to their patients. Svast team of experienced and knowledgeable Pediatric coding and billing experts is there to help Pediatric practices..

Pediatric Medical Billing  Expert

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    Full-Service Practice Operations

    Increase Patient Visits and Appointments

    Digital marketing for Pediatrics is very critical. To be visible to patients, Pediatricians needs to have a high impact website; list their practice on key listing sites; receive a large number of positive patient reviews, post frequently in social media about pediatric news.

    Get Paid for Time Spent

    Pediatricians spend a lot more time than other physicians; meeting with family and going over care options with parents. Thus, it is important to have a pediatric billing team that understands how to get reimbursements for every moment spent with a patient or their families.

    Full-Service Practice Operations
    Full-Service Practice Operations

    Apply Accurate Pediatric E&M Codes

    Pediatric medical billing involves billing things adjacent to the care itself, like meeting with parents or consulting medical records etc. A deep knowledge of E&M codes is required so that pediatricians get paid promptly for everything you do, not just the obvious.

    Ensure to Bill Complex Procedures

    Pediatric procedures have a wide range. Few practices may miss on pediatric billing CPT codes related to complex pediatric procedures.

    • 31500: intubation, endotracheal; emergency procedure,
    • 36011: central venous catheterization or cannulation;
    • 36400: venipuncture, under age 3 years;
    • 36660: catheterization, umbilical artery, newborn;
    • 36620: arterial catheterization or cannulation;
    • 51702: insertion of in-dwelling bladder catheter;
    • 54150: circumcision, using clamp or other device;
    • 62270: spinal puncture, lumbar, diagnostic;
    • 90782: therapeutic, prophylactic or diagnostic injection;
    • 90788: intramuscular injection of antibiotic;
    • 92551: screening test, pure tone, air only;
    • 92567: tympanometry (impedance testing);
    • 92950: cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
    • 94200: maximum breathing capacity, voluntary ventilation.
    • 99141: sedation intravenous, intramuscular or inhalation;
    • 99173: screening test of visual acuity, quantitative, bilateral;

    Get experts on your EHR Systems

    We have experts in pediatric medical billing on Allscripts. We have experts in pediatric medical billing on eClinicalWorks. We have experts in pediatric medical billing on AdvancedMD.

    Customized Reports and Analytics for Pediatrics

    We provide pediatric practice analytics through practice dashboard, denial analysis, account receivable analysis, waterfall analysis, payment forecasting, carrier collection analytics and more.

    Pediatric Case Study