We focus on minute detailing and work very closely with your team to ensure a smooth medical billing process

Our team of experts relentlessly focuses on clean claim submission, proactive denial management, accurate payment posting, timely credit and refunds, minimize AR aging and to support patients on their billing questions.

Claim Submission

Daily Claims Submissions are scrubbed for accuracy prior to being submitted to the insurance carrier. Maintaining an industry leading first pass clean claims rate gets everyone paid on time the first time.

Denial Management

Its true that everyone needs to be aware of different payer rules and codes for effective denial management but what sets us apart from the rest is our focus on preventing denials in the first place. Our team will identify trends and provide constant feedback to the clinical team ensuring clean claims go out the first time around.

Payment Posting

We all know the importance of accurate and timely payment posting. Cash flow is what keeps the lights on. In addition to posting payments timely with exceptional attention to detail, our skilled payment posters can identify issues affecting revenue by identifying and resolving negative trends within your practice.

Credit and Refund

Resolution of overpayments is more than just a moral issue it’s a mandatory contractual issue with most payers. Procedures should be in place to provide for timely and accurate reporting to the insurance carriers. Its ironic that more effort can be put into giving money back than is required for getting paid but that is often the case. It is not uncommon for practices to simply wait for the payer to specifically request the funds or withhold them from future payments. Not only can our staff mange the unique refund process created by each payer but they can confirm the accuracy of the initial credit itself.

Account Receivables

No matter how hard you try to prevent claims from ending up on an AR aging list some things are just outside of your control. Slow to pay carriers, Electronic transmission issues, lost paperwork, and a multitude of other unforeseen events will pop up. A systematic AR follow up plan with detailed documentation must be done on every single claim. Yes this is time consuming but it must be done and our team has the process down to a science.

Patient Billing and Support

Our dedicated phones team has an impressive combined experience working in private practice front office, Hospital billing centers, and with insurance carriers themselves. Patient billing inquiries and Credit Card Payments over the phone are handled promptly by qualified and caring staff.

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