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Pioneering precision in healthcare, Svast specializes in delivering tailored and accurate billing solutions designed exclusively for ophthalmology practices.


Evan Hovek
Ophthalmology Billing Expert

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Why Choose Svast?

Discover the unique advantages of partnering with Svast for your ophthalmology medical billing needs

Specialized focus on ophthalmology billing with a decade of proven experience. 

Tailored services to meet the specific needs of ophthalmology practices, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Proven track record of optimizing billing processes, efficient charge capture, fee schedule review, chart audits and payer contract negotiation leading to a sustained 15% increase in collections for healthcare providers.

Utilization of advanced billing software, integration with clearinghouses and deploying technology solutions for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

 Swift and proactive Accounts Receivable (AR) follow-up, ensuring timely resolution, maximizing revenue recovery and minimizing timely filing denials.

Perform denial analytics to identify denial reasons and work with the practice to implement corrective action.

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Our Comprehensive Medical Billing Offering for Ophthalmology Practices and Groups

Ophthalmology billing is high dollar value and needs specialized coding knowledge to increase payments, reduce AR and denials. 

We specialize in accurately billing for retinal surgeries, optimizing reimbursement for procedures from cataract surgeries to intricate interventions like corneal transplants. Our certified coding specialists handle eyelid surgery coding, capturing surgical procedures for eyelid and refractive surgeries, including laser eye surgery, meeting the highest industry standards.

Our Ophthalmology expert team members works as an extension of the practice and provide training and guidance to the practice team at every step of the process to improve the payments, reduce AR and minimize denials.

Our team of certified coders excels in CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS Level II coding for Ophthalmology, providing accurate coding for a wide range of ophthalmic procedures and diagnoses.

We are experts on most billing systems used by Ophthalmology practice and utilize technology solutions for eligibility verification, coding accuracy, charge entry, patient payments to enhance efficiency and accuracy in ophthalmology medical billing.

Ophthalmology medical billing is unique. We understand the nuances of ophthalmology billling and streamline the processes for faster reimbursements, managing the entire revenue cycle from claims submission to follow-up and denial management.


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