Industry Trends 1

  • The most effective way to encourage patient activation is to ensure that they are well-informed about their treatment. Patients who are better informed about their health are more likely to adopt self-management strategies, attend follow-up appointments, and challenge their doctors about their treatment. Education, on the other […]

The Future of Telehealth

COVID, as everyone knows, sparked a surge in telehealth usage and shone a spotlight on the future of telehealth for a brief while. Medical care has become more accessible and easy thanks to video consultations and other virtual care services. However, telehealth utilization is presently on the decline. […]

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management News

In August, preventable COVID-19 hospitalizations cost the US healthcare system $3.7 billion. 

  • According to a new Kaiser Family Foundation research, the US health system spent about $5.7 billion between June and […]