Changes in Category III codes

  • Total disc arthroplasty code moves from Category III to Category 1 status. Code 0163T (Total disc arthroplasty [artificial disc], anterior approach, including discectomy to prepare interspace [other than for decompression], each additional interspace, lumbar) has been deleted for 2023. In its place, the AMA debuts a new add-on code, 22860, to report for anterior implant of a total disc arthroplasty at a second level only. For third and all other levels, report the unlisted code 22899.
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    • Sacroiliac joint fusion code changes. After advising practices earlier this year that percutaneous sacroiliac (SI) arthrodesis code 27279 requires placement of fixation across the joint, the AMA is adding a new Category III code for SI joint fusions that are entirely intra-articular: 0775T (Arthrodesis, sacroiliac joint, percutaneous, with image guidance, includes placement of intra-articular implant[s] [eg, bone allograft(s), synthetic device(s)]. The AMA made grammatical revisions to open SI joint arthrodesis code 27280 with no change to its meaning and made no changes at all to percutaneous SI joint fusion code 27279. 

    There are three new codes in the integumentary system section that could affect your practice, plus one deletion and one revision. 

    New mesh code: 

    • 15778 (Implantation of absorbable mesh or other prosthesis for delayed closure of defect(s) (ie, external genitalia, perineum, abdominal wall) due to soft tissue infection or trauma). 

    Two new suture codes: 

    • +15853 (Removal of sutures or staples not requiring anesthesia (List separately in addition to E/M code)) 
    • +15854 (Removal of sutures and staples not requiring anesthesia (List separately in addition to E/M code)) 

    Suture changes to note:  

    • 15850 has been deleted (Removal of sutures under anesthesia (other than local), same surgeon 
    • 15851 has been revised to state “Removal of sutures or staples requiring anesthesia (ie, general anesthesia, moderate sedation).”  

    Musculoskeletal System 

    • The code for total disc arthroplasty (22857) is revised to make “single interspace, lumbar” a suffix.  
    • Use new add-on code 22860 when total disc arthroplasty is performed on the second interspace of the lumbar spine.